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    NeoCos s.r.o. is the Czech distribution company based in Budweis, Czech Rep., founded in 2012.

    We supply Make-ups-, Fragrances-, Cosmetics-, Skin Care Gift products through our professional sales reps. NeoCos is specialized in production of promotional Cosmetics (Lip Balm, Skin Care gift).

    Our large business network of 1.000 independent stores, solid relationships with partners and professional team enables us to grow every year. We realize that this growth wouldn’t be possible without our valued suppliers and customers. That’s why we tend to intensify the relationship with all current partners, while searching for new business opportunities to expand our network.

    Petr Lusk, Director
    phone:  +420 602 271 155  

    Registered office:
    Neocos s.r.o.
    Volejbalistů 1769/5
    CZ 370 01 České Budějovice
    Czech Republic